5 mayo, 2021
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48 – Newsletter LAFP-LM April 2021

Large scale land acquisitions in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, a country perspective. - Latin America Focal Point data campaign - Argentina National Observatory data campaign - Land Matrix Lac continues working collaboratively and broadens its horizons - Large scale mining land acquisitions in Esmeralda’s province, Ecuador. - Research on access to the commons in the Chaco region of Salta
3 diciembre, 2020
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46 – Newsletter LAFP-LM December 2020

Large scale land acquisitions and local policies - Dissemination of research in local journals. - "Land Matrix LAC" at the 3rd International Meeting on Land, Territories and Food Sovereignty - Platform and database training - Land grabbing course- Annual Steering Committee Meeting. - Virtual forum: What is happening with agro-industry in Colombia? - Articulation in research processes. Land Matrix – LAC and EQUITERRA - Dissemination campaign: "Land grabbing from the inside”
31 julio, 2020
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44 – Newsletter LAFP-LM July 2020

New large-scale land acquisitions deal in Latin America - Foreign Investment in Latin America: The Role of China and the United States - Land Matrix at Local Universities - Advocacy stories - New agreement - Influence of Latin American land observatories on the process of large-scale land acquisitions - Scientific research collaboration with other researchers
13 mayo, 2020
Newsletter LAFP-LM April 2020

42 – Newsletter LAFP-LM April 2020

Land Matrix at FUNDAPAZ's institutional meeting - Land Matrix Incidence - Water footprint of agricultural activity in Salta - Contributions to the United Nations Sustainable - Development Goals Agenda 2030 - Land Matrix in ASADES XLII - The environmental impacts and mining concessions in Honduras
5 diciembre, 2019
Newsletter November 2019

40 – Newsletter LAFP-LM November 2019

New large-scale land acquisitions deals in Argentina - Land Matrix dissemination - Meeting of the Steering Committee in Hamburg, Germany - Land Matrix at Local Universities - Land Matrix at the XLII ASADES -Case study in Colombia - Mining-free Ecuador, a request from Ecuadorian organizations - Mesoamerican Territorial Governance, El Salvador - Progress on the OUOT research assistant project, Honduras
3 septiembre, 2019
Newsletter LAFP-LM September 2019

38 – Newsletter LAFP-LM September 2019

New phase and strengthening of the network of partners - Land Matrix Research Program - World Environment Day - Pilot study with LANDex in Colombia - Political ecology, land-use planning and large-scale land transactions - Publication of the book "Land rush" with the contribution of the Focal Point
5 mayo, 2019
36 - May 2019 Land Matrix LAFP

36 – May 2019 Land Matrix LAFP

New large scale land acquisitions in Latin America - Land Matrix at the XVII Meeting of Latin American Geographers, Ecuador - Meeting of Rural Women from Ecuador - Provincial meeting of peasants and indigenous organizations of Northern Argentina - Sustainability-Indicators at farm and landscape scale - Land Matrix at local Universities - Virtual water and LSLA - Indigenous communities and LSLA in Northwest of Argentina - Social media
4 enero, 2019
34 - January 2019 Land Matrix LAFP

34 – January 2019 Land Matrix LAFP

New large scale land acquisitions in Latin America - Contribution to a book about land grabbing - Workshop for the identification of LSLA Forum: Exchange of knowledge on semi-arid regions of Latin America - Meeting of the Steering Committee in Dakar, Senegal - Planning activities for 2019 - Dissemination and social media